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Namaste - Bioenegetics and Meditations

About the course

You are about to start a course that is totally different from anything you’ve ever seen in your life. I know you’re used to miracles and other empty promises which offer instant results at any cost. This is a completely different course. Here, you are going to learn about sexuality in an open and direct way with knowledge and emotional wisdom rooted in the heart. A look at sexuality based on my experience of many years of life. The direct experience of living my sexuality and treating the sexual issues of others. Why is this fundamental? Because it’s fundamental for your life.

Human beings have been going crazy over their lack of pleasure, their lack of joy. One of the greatest sources of pleasure and joy is our sexuality, which has been put aside, excluded and treated as something cheap. In this course, we are going to treat sexuality as it should be treated. We exist because of a sexual intercourse, and that’s why we must give great importance to sexuality. It’s the source of our life and it cannot be condemned, treated with prejudice or as if it were something cheap and superficial as it has been. We have to rescue our sexual heath, our sexual potency, our sexual strength, the connection between sex and our heart.

This is a seven-week course, with seven classes, for you to practice once a week. Doing this course, you will revolutionize your sexuality. You will, at least, triple your sexual desire. You will efficiently combat premature ejaculation, the lack of pleasure women have with penetration, and you will discover ways to have more expansive orgasms. It seems too good to be true, but it isn’t! This is real! And this is for you too! You can check below and find testimonials from more than 30 people who I’ve worked with. People who aren’t afraid to say that they like sex! This, in itself, is a great victory. People stop being ashamed and want to have pleasure! This is for you too!

Sobre o curso
Who this course is for

Who this
is for:

Men and women who want to live their sexuality, regardless of their sexual orientation.

People who:

  • Have sexual dysfunctions
  • Have never had an orgasm
  • Are sexually frustrated
  • Are afraid of sex
  • Don’t feel pleasure when they have sex
  • Have premature ejaculation
  • Are impotent
  • Are frigid
  • Lack lubrification


  • People who have heart problems;
  • have herniated discs;
  • non-medicated high blood pressure;
  • epilepsy;

*For those with any of these restrictions, it is necessary to seek professional orientation in order to do these exercises. Contact Namastê.

Sobre o Autor

Prem Milan

Prem Milan

Born in 1955 and a father of 3 children, Prem Milan has worked as a sex therapist for 34 years and achieved great results with impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity and other sexual dysfunctions. Prem Milan founded Namastê (Meditation and Therapy center in Brazil) in 1997, where he has been training new therapists ever since. Milan is an inspiring therapist, teacher and friend whose work has touched and transformed many lives. He regularly runs several therapy groups and workshops throughout the year in Brazil and Europe (Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, England, Wales, Denmark, Italy and Portugal). He has also worked in Mexico and New York (USA). He heads a community of 100 people in the south of Brazil, which he founded in 2004.


Module 1

The ole of breathing in creating energy.


Module 2

Releasing tension in the pelvis, expanding the movement.


Module 3

Creating strength in propelling pump of sexual energy.


Module 4

Vibration to dismantle rigidity and activate the orgasm reflex.


Module 5

Creating strength and elasticity for sexual energy to reach the heart.


Module 6

Build up energy in the pelvis so that it goes beyond the heart.


Module 7

Re-sensualize the body and tune sexual energy into deeper levels.



Namaste is a center for bioenergetic therapy and active meditation, which has been working with people for 24 years. A center specialized in working with sexuality in a natural and profound way. A place with lots of life! Where thousands of people recovered their sexuality and began to feel their hearts beat faster, rediscovering their truth and their love. Namaste is not a utopia! It does something that is considered impossible in this society: a work with sexuality, alternative therapy and meditation so transformative that its quality and depth is recognized not only in Brazil, but also abroad.

Each person who walked into Namaste was touched and transformed in some way, and not only by the recognized excellence of working with sexuality, therapy and meditation, but also by the rebellious hearts of the people who run it! Since 1997, Namaste has helped people understand that its fundamental have the courage to be who you are, to be open-hearted to feel life, to live your sexuality in a natural way, and also to face the challenges that this brings. People should not retreat when facing the many difficulties that come in such an anti-natural society.

Namaste is the living proof that it is worth fighting for what we believe in! It is worthwhile to be guided by the heart and not by fear, to seek a life of truth and not an artificial, automatic one. It is worth knowing and caring about others. Collective constructions are worth it, instead of selfishness and isolation. It is really worth it!

What will you
get from
this course?

  • You will smile more and will have more desire to live, to have more pleasure.
  • You will feel stronger and more able to take a stand and stop taking things lying down.
  • In 60 days your body will be much more flexible, energetic and even leaner.


Bioenergetics is a gift for your sexuality! The exercises suggested in the course will relax physical stiffness and tensions, so that we can rescue the human body’s natural movements, rescue our natural breathing. Bioenergetics does not put anything into you. It just brings out everything that prevents your energy from flowing, and the more it cleanses, the more energy goes through you, the hotter you’ll feel. Bioenergetics means life energy. Simple as that: bio = life, energetics = energy. The goal of bioenergetics is to help people to recover their natural sexuality and open their hearts to life and love. Actually, it is a whole set of exercises and movements synchronized with breathing that helps to unlock the life energy, your fundamental energy, your essential energy.

Bioenergetics is a technique developed by Alexander Lowen, a student and client of Wilhelm Reich who studied with Freud. Lowen studied sexuality, as it is fundamental to all therapy. According to him, "people come to therapy with different complaints: depression, anxiety, inadequacy, failure. But with each complaint there is a lack of pleasure and satisfaction in living. It is common today to hear about self-realization and human potential But what potential? If someone wants to live more fully and richly, they must open their heart to life and love. If an individual doesn’t feel love for oneself, others, the nature and the universe, the individual is cold, alienated and discouraged. The warmth that unites us to the world we live in flows from our hearts. The goal of all therapy is to help the person to increase the capacity to give and receive love, to enlarge and develop the heart, and not just their mind." In order for this to happen, one needs an energetic body with orgastic capacity.



This course will transform your sexuality! You will live happier, more relaxed and have more pleasure. Your self-esteem will improve a lot! For men and women and all of those who enjoy sexuality, regardless of sexual orientation. Awakening the sexual energy each one has, unlocking it in you, for you to use it according to your consciouness, according to your will, according to your desire.

Online Guide

  • 7 comprehensive classes
  • At the end of each module we will schedule a live webinar with the therapist Prem Milan
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  • 7 day warranty
  • Lifetime access
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